CLEARANCE - Shungite Paw Charm Key Chain or Backpack Charm

$15.97 $37.25

Clearance - Perfectly imperfect and may have a glue defect. Not recommended for pets. A cute key chain or backpack charm. No returns or exchanges.


An exclusive Karelia Creations™  design, this beautiful pet charm is the perfect size for any pet and designed to clip right onto the collar.

Remember, to take care of your sweet fur babies! YES, it’s true… your pets are EXTREMELY sensitive to their environment and because of this it is important to keep them safe from EMF Radiation they are exposed throughout our home.

Pet Shungite Benefits:

  • Pets are much more calmer when they are wearing the charm.
  • If your pet doesn’t wear a collar then you can place Shungite charm in their bed or under their favorite pillow.
  • Shungite can relieve various imbalances that affect digestive and respiratory systems, joints, and bones.
  • While petting or massaging your animal, holding a Shungite charm in your palm is said to have a healing and soothing effect, relieving muscles and easing inflammation.
  • It is antibacterial, and it detoxifies too. You may also want to think of adding shungite to their water too.
  • Weighs only .3 oz

Not Sold In Stores