Watch this 1 Minute Video to Test if Your Shungite is Real!

Watch this 1 Minute Video to Test if Your Shungite is Real! - Karelia Creations
Shungite is a powerful protection for 5G and electronic technology radiation and harmonizing and healing the body.

Real shungite carries it's own electrical field which is why it's called Mother Earth's natural protection to radiation protection. The Carbon 60 molecule, C-60, also called Buckey Ball and Fullerene, is what science has declared the "Molecule of the 21st Century" is actually found in the Shungite rock and is what creates it to have its on electrical field. This electrical field is the perfect field that brings our earth and body back into harmony. It deflects and absorbs chaotic energy and attenuates it to a harmonious and healthy, natural field. 

Do this one minute test to make sure your shungite is authentic. It works on bracelets, necklaces and anything that is shungite. This test will not work on any other crystal which is why it is the perfect for testing if your shungite is authentic for you to use in your home and give to your loved ones. 

Always use an LED flashlight when checking for shungite authenticity and make sure it is touching the connector.