Our Mission and Values

Our Mission...

To educate and inspire people to live healthier in a digital age by designing classic and trendy shungite products so we can protect ourselves and the environment from technology radiation.

Our Values...

Inspiring people and helping to create a positive impact in our environment regarding EMF radiation protection is our mission but our passion and focus goes even deeper.

  • Be Bold: Although we may be small, we think and act mighty. We are empowered to think creatively and try new things.
  • Cultivate Loyal Customers: Our stylish, high-quality products along with excellent customer service create happy, loyal customers.
  • Develop Future Leaders: We give opportunities to stay-at-home moms and teens so they can embrace their inner guru and entrepreneur by learning leadership skills, jewelry making, photography, social media and more.
  • Care About Our Communities: Just like reduce, reuse and recycle, we use shelter animals and other like-minded organizations to promote and service our communities.