Our Story...

The First Sign

My story begins in 1999 when my husband, Frank, died at age 32. He lost a battle with a monster -- a glioblastoma brain tumor, the most aggressive form of brain cancer. An electrician, Frank was healthy, physically fit and did not have a family history of brain cancer. In just 3 months after diagnosis, he died leaving me alone with our only child, a one year old son. His only dying wish was to see his son’s first birthday, which thankfully he did.

Connecting the Dots

Fast forward to 2015, I started noticing a pattern of frequent headaches, brain fog and chronic fatigue when I was working in my home office. Someone mentioned to me I might have EMS, electromagnetic sensitivity. While researching EMS, I found an earlier study that said electricians had the highest rate of brain tumors than any other occupation... and that was BEFORE cell phones, WiFi, and all our other electronics. I knew something had to be done when, in September 2016, I read that brain cancer had replaced leukemia as the leading cause of cancer deaths among children. And these numbers keep increasing.

What I'm Doing to Help

Needless to say, I immersed myself in this topic. Because of my personal experiences along with my education and research in technology radiation, I have turned tragedy to triumph.

As a certified life coach and visionary for positive change, I created Karelia Creations in 2016 to bring about positive change so I can help others avoid potential tragedy from technology radiation. Our goal is to educate and inspire humanity to live healthier in a digital age by using shungite to cleanse and protect our bodies and the environment. 

All of our shungite is 100% authentic and imported directly from the Karelia mines in Russia. We transform the shungite into classic and trendy designs for everyone to enjoy - even pets! Our intention is for you to feel confident when buying our products and enjoy wearing and using them as much as we enjoy making them. ♥