Our Story...

The First Sign

My story begins in 1999 when my husband, Frank, died at age 32. He lost a battle with a monster -- a glioblastoma brain tumor, the most aggressive form of brain cancer. An electrician, Frank was healthy, physically fit and did not have a family history of brain cancer. In just 3 months after diagnosis, he died leaving me alone with our only child, a one year old son. His only dying wish was to see his son’s first birthday, which thankfully he did.
Life went on, I fell in love, got married and had another child leaving the past behind me, or so I thought. Little did I know that this was going to be the beginning of a very interesting and passionate journey in my near future. 

Connecting the Dots

Fast forward to 2013, I started noticing a pattern of frequent headaches, brain fog and chronic fatigue when I was working in my home office. Someone mentioned to me I might have EMS, electromagnetic sensitivity. While researching EMS, I found an earlier study that said electricians had the highest rate of brain tumors than any other occupation... and that was BEFORE cell phones, WiFi, and all of our other electronics and technology. I also found out that brain cancer (like the Glioblastoma Frank had) has now become the #1 killer of cancers in children, surpassing leukemia! I was devastated and intuitively knew that this was ALL connected. My mom always told me, "Don't be the problem, be the solution" and maybe that's why I became I Life Coach, but I couldn't just sit back and let this happen so I started speaking about it and integrating a few products into my coaching for clients and friends so they could learn about it and get protected. And, in 2014, Karelia Creations was born. 

WiFi Caused My Own Brain Tumor

Remember when I said in 2013 I was getting my own headaches and chronic fatigue? Little did I know at that time I had a 1cm brain tumor growing in my brain. I didn't know I had it until April 26, 2021 when I had admitted myself to the emergency room because I could barely move my right arm or fingers, even my foot was having some mobility issues. The test results showed that I had a 6cm menengial tumor in my head literally squishing my brain to the side and causing these horrific side effects. The surgeon said I was lucky because if I would have waited any longer the side effects would have been irreversible. 

How did this happen?

It all began in 2010 when I built my new office off my bedroom. It was a small cute home office that worked perfectly for me, so I thought. I had the Wifi router sitting right under my desk along with all the bells and whistles of a home office.  According to the biopsy my tumor had an 18% growth rate and once we rolled back the math it was conclusive that only ONE year after I built my office I started growing my brain tumor!  Yes, this was my dream office where I would work 6-8 hours a day and then I would go to sleep in my bedroom just a mere 10 feet away from the router. 

The statistics say - If you are on a phone for 20 minutes a day over a 10 year period youi have a 40-60% chance of getting a brain tumor.  I wasn't JUST on my phone - I was literally living in a microwave oven in my office!

What I'm Doing to Help

Needless to say, I have immersed myself in this topic. Because of my personal experiences along with my education and research in technology radiation, I have turned tragedy to triumph.

As a certified life coach and visionary for positive change, I created Karelia Creations in 2016 to bring about positive change so I can help others avoid potential tragedy from technology radiation. Our goal is to educate and inspire humanity to live healthier in a digital age by using shungite to cleanse and protect our bodies and the environment. 

All of our shungite is 100% authentic and imported directly from the Karelia mines in Russia. We transform the shungite into classic and trendy designs for everyone to enjoy - even pets! Our intention is for you to feel confident when buying our products and enjoy wearing and using them as much as we enjoy making them. ♥