Identifying Authentic Shungite. Easy as 1-2-3!

So much of the "shungite" sold today are cheap plastic imitations or other black stones -- neither with protection properties. Buying from a reputable supplier, like us, you are purchasing authentic shungite. Importing our shungite directly from the source -- the Zazhoginsky deposit in Karelia, Russia -- and consistently testing each shipment guarantees our shungite is always the best.

Why is There so Much Fake Shungite?

The cost. Using plastic, resin or other stones such as black tourmaline (found worldwide) is a much cheaper alternative, but without the healing and protection benefits. Three key factors drive up the costs of authentic shungite:

  • Mining - It is difficult to to mine shungite from amongst other minerals found in the quarry.
  • Importing - Can you imagine the time and cost of shipping rocks internationally? We certainly can and do. Not only is it extremely costly, but there is a high risk of breakage, along with delays in customs and with international shippers.
  • Shaping - Each piece (bead, disk, pyramid, etc.) is shaped from the shungite stones. It's a challenging and dirty task. Also elite shungite is too soft to shape, so you will never see an authentic elite shungite pyramid, heart, beads, or other shapes. 

 You can trust us. We've been specializing in Shungite since 2015. 

 Checking Shungite Authenticity

1 - LOOK at your Shungite. 

Real shungite is a natural stone. Within authentic shungite, often you'll find trace minerals (e.g., quartzite or pyrite), sometimes giving the appearance of metallic spots, a crack (vein) or rust from iron inclusions.

Pyrite is such a common mineral in the Shungite mine that metallic inclusions are one of the indicators that your piece is genuine shungite where solid black could be an imitation.

We think these unique characteristics enhance the natural beauty. Don't fall for perfect "shungite," which is likely a manufactured imitation. We love that Mother Nature's gifts are perfectly imperfect.

2 - TOUCH your Shungite.

Shungite is a carbon-rich stone that occurs naturally. Because shungite is a soft mineral, after drilling and shaping, a fine powdery black residue can remain.

Black carbon may rub off pure shungite, which can easily be washed off clothing or skin. The residue contains fullerenes, so it is good for your skin! In fact, we sell shungite powder to help with skin issues.

A light wax prevents much of the powder from occurring on our jewelry. Over time, the wax is designed to wear off and the skin's natural oils seal the stone, creating a matte finish.

3 - TEST your Shungite. 

Authentic shungite is electrically conductive due to its large amount of carbon. Grab your LED flashlight and test it yourself. You can also use an ohmmeter or multimeter too. 

  1. Remove the back of an LED flashlight's battery compartment.
  2. Place the Shungite against the batteries.
  3. See the Shungite conduct electricity. Our Shungite Shines!

 Finally, Ask to See a Certificate of Authenticity.