About Us

My name is
Sherinata and I am the owner and founder of Karelia Creations and I want to welcome you to our store.  Energy for me, comes in many different ways because I have been working with energy as an energy healer, intuitive and life coach since 2011. I have been coaching and helping adults and children how to get out of physical and emotional stress by teaching and showing them how to instantly shift their energy and mindset so they can life the life they have always dreamed of. When I felt, saw and understood how EMF radiation effects our body and environement along with my own personal tragedies and traumas directly caused from EMFs, I KNEW I had to show up bigger and start sharing this information with everyone. In 2014, I became a speaker and passionate advocate of EMF Technology Radiation Protection. 

Our Team:

We are a women owned and operated company located in South Florida with a very small team that is passionate about standing behind the quality of every single item created and sold by Karelia Creations. We go the extra mile in the products we create by double stranding our bracelets and saturating all of our shungite beads/stones used in jewelery making in a very high colloidial silver so it amplifies the field of protection. And, all of our products are signed by the makers, too giving our customer quality products with 100% authentic shungite that you can trust!

We wear many hats (and shungite!) in our company from designing, creating, packaging and shipping all of our jewelry and designs from our shelves to you. We are grateful for you and we take pride in our personal touch and speedy customer service.

Transparency is important to us. We offer real time tracking for all of the products we sell. You can track your product from the moment you purchase it to every step in the packing, shipping and delivery process
. We take the guesswork and put it right at your fingertips. 

We will always strive to exceed expectations and make sure you are fully satisfied with every order. We may not be able to ship as fast, or offer as much as the "corporate beasts" out there, but one thing you can know for sure... we truly, truly appreciate your business and will do everything in our power to show you just that. 

Sherinata and the Karelia Creations Team ♥

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