RETIRED - Shungite Bracelet - 8mm Gold Accent, Adult

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Retired design. No returns or exchanges.  

SHUNGITE BRACELET - A beautiful, shiny black shungite bracelet (8mm beads) with gold-colored accents. An attractive addition to your everyday accessories or a great gift! An energy tool, shungite should be worn daily for protection from WiFi and other electronic fields.

TOP QUALITY - Our shungite is authentic from Karelia, Russia. Our jewelry is hand assembled in the USA using quality materials for durability.

Black residue may come off pure shungite. Once worn a few times, natural oil from the skin will seal it. The residue contains fullerene, so it is good for your skin! Do not wear in water or spray with perfumes. Discoloration may occur in accents based on pH of skin. Accents are lead free.

BONUS - Unlike other shungite sold online, our shungite is saturated in colloidal silver, a natural conductor, for an amplified field of protection.


  • Material: 8 mm authentic shungite beads with gold-colored accents. Beads may vary slightly in size.
  • Size: Fits adult medium/large wrist. 7.5 inch stretchy elastic cord.
  • Use: Attractive bracelet; boosts immune system, protects against EMF radiation.

What is Shungite? 

Almost 2 billion years old, Shungite is extracted from only one place on Earth -- the Zazhoginsky deposit in the Shunga region (giving the name “shungite”) of Karelia, NW of Russia. Composed of mostly carbon (building blocks of life), Shungite is the only known natural mineral to contain fullerenes, a crystalline form of carbon. Fullerenes are known to be powerful antioxidants that shield cells and neutralize free radicals, improving immune system function and protecting against harmful viruses, bacteria, fungus, and pathogens. This is why shungite is called “the stone of life”.


★★ We GUARANTEE - 100% GENUINE SHUNGITE sourced from the Zazhoginsky Mine in KARELIA, RUSSIA, and proudly assembled in the USA. ★★ Real shungite is a natural stone, so there may be imperfections or colors from trace minerals. Don't fall for perfect "shungite," which is manufactured and without the healing properties. Trust us. We've been specializing in Shungite EMF protection since 2015.

Customer Reviews

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pretty bracelet

I'm pleased with my bracelet. I've been wearing it since I received it.

Shungite bracelets are perfect for people who are on technology all the time. We are so happy you chose Karelia Creations! Stay healthy!


First off, It's a very good bracelet and it fits my my wrist well and I can feel the difference in my joint stiffness in my fingers and wrist. But, the reason why I am taking my time out to give a review is because, this business went above and beyond my expectations. I made a mistake and lost out on a discount. Not only did they reach out to me after I made my orders to let me know of my mistake, they also compensated me by giving me a free item worth more than the discount. Being someone who gets greatly affected by EMF I feel the difference with my bracelets, stickers, pyramid and magnet. They loosen my joints back up after dealing with emf. Thanks again!

Excellent customer service is very important to us and we are sooo grateful for you supporting our small business. We are so glad we get to help keep you protected from electronic radiation with shungite! Thank you for trusting us for all your 100% authentic shungite needs. Stay healthy!

Constancita Nieves
Amazing Bracelet

I love wearing this beautiful bracelet as it adds elegance when I wear it and I feel protected from EMF!!

It is always our passion to create quality handmade shungite products that look nice too! Staying protected from EMF radiation is our purpose, but we love when our customers think our products are as beautiful as we think they are! As a small business, we so value every customer! Stay healthy!