Sterling Silver Interchangeable Shungite Pendant and 18-Inch Necklace - Includes Shungite, Lava Stone for Aromatherapy and 7 Other Gemstones - Chakra

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Our new sterling silver pendant encapsulates any one of 9 included 6mm authentic gemstone beads. The cage opens for easily changing the bead to match your outfit or for the energy you want to draw.

  • Shungite - Consisting almost entirely of carbon, it helps purify negative energy and emotions.
  • Lava bead for aromatherapy and essential oils.
  • Amethyst - Powerhouse stone protects against negative energy. Crown Chakra
  • Sodalite - Stimulates the mind to create enhanced intuition and creativity. Third Eye Chakra
  • Turquoise - Helps us speak our wisdom and truth. Throat Chakra
  • Green Aventurine - Known as the “Stone of Opportunity” for its good luck properties. Heart Chakra
  • Tiger's Eye - Helps stay centered and calm. Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Carnelian - Boosts willpower with the physical energy and drive to back it up. Sacral Chakra
  • Red Aventurine - Motivates you to take physical action that make dreams come true. Root Chakra

  • Material: 6mm authentic gemstones. The beads are made of real gemstones so they vary slightly in size, color and markings.
  • Pendant - Sterling Silver Cage opens for changing the beads.
  • Chain: 18-inch, rhodium/sterling silver box chain.

What is Shungite?
Almost 2 billion years old, Shungite is extracted from only one place on Earth -- the Zazhoginsky deposit in the Shunga region (giving the name “shungite”) of Karelia, NW of Russia. Composed of mostly carbon (building blocks of life), Shungite is the only known natural mineral to contain fullerenes, a crystalline form of carbon. Fullerenes are known to shield cells, which improves immune system function and keeps us healthy. This is why shungite is called “the stone of life”.

★★ We GUARANTEE - 100% GENUINE SHUNGITE sourced from the Zazhoginsky Mine in Karelia, Russia, and assembled in the USA. ★★

Customer Reviews

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Dotty Scott
Love the look of this necklace

I ordered one for myself and one for a friend. We both love them and will wear it often. I like the lava stone for essential oils!

Thank you for positive review and we are so happy you love the new Sterling Silver Chakra necklace. We appreciate you being a loyal customer and keeping safe and protected with shungite from Karelia Creations.