Shungite, the Stone of Life

The physical properties of pure Shungite are vastly different than any other mineral on earth. Shungite is a mineral with the same basic chemical composition as coal (classified as C60 on the mineral scale); however, that is where the similarities stop. Unlike coal, Shungite does not burn, is not effected by pressure and is of a greater hardness - similar to that of the diamond.

Shungite’s uniqueness comes from the carbon molecule called the Fullerene molecule. Fullerenes attract and neutralize unnatural elements in the environment (such as electromagnetic emissions) that are coming at us from all directions. Click here to read about fullerenes from the US National Institute of Health.

Where Can I Find Shungite?

There is only one true Shungite source in the world. It is the Zazhoginsky Shungite deposits in the western Republic of Karelia, near the eastern border of Finland. This is where we import all of our shungite products from guaranteeing them to be authentic shungite.

Types of Shungite

Type 1, Elite Shungite

The rarest and purest form. Only 1% of all Shungite found is Type 1. It is 99% organic carbon and has a semi-metallic shiny silver-black finish. It is sometimes also known as Noble Shungite and has the highest amount of healing energy.

Having the highest percentage of carbon makes elite crystals rarest, but this also makes them extremely fragile. They are are manually dug (not mechanically mined and they cannot be be shaped or polished. Elite shungite is sold in their unique natural shape.

Type 2, Petrovsky Shungite Can range from 50% to 70% organic carbon. Petrovsky shungite is not sold often because of the desire for the power of elite shungite or the versatility of black shungite for jewelry. 
Type 3, Black or Regular Shungite Can range from 30% to 50% organic carbon. It is industrially mined and black in color. It is the Shungite used to make beads, figurines and other objects because it is easier to shape and polish to a high shine.

What is Shungite used for?

  • Purifying and infusing water with healing energies
  • Enhancing the growth in vegetation and livestock
  • Lengthening the shelf life of produce in the refrigerator
  • Lowering your electrical bill
  • Attenuating the energy field of electronic devices emitting EMF, microwave, and other harmful frequencies
  • Healing a variety of diseases
  • Balancing the energy body that is the blueprint for the physical body promoting physical, emotional, and mental health
  • Charging drinking water, bath water & swimming pools with a perfectly pH balanced water
  • Protecting and shielding against all types of EMF & electronic fields

How do I maintain my Shungite?

It is important to maintain the healing properties of Shungite by periodically cleaning it. Let it dry under a moon light or in natural sun so that it can absorb the natural energy of the moon or sun. To restore strength and harmony, charge it in direct sunlight for at least 2 hours or in the moonlight for at least 5 hours.