The Chakra Magic Series Magic Misters Aromatherapy Sprays are energy balancing sprays intuitively designed to raise your vibration by instantly shifting your life. They help to create a perfect synergy between your mind, body and spirit.  

We use only the highest grade of floral waters and essential oils and are delicately poured and stored in an EMF free environment that is amplified by shungite stones. The Magic Misters are perfect for children or adults to use throughout the day at home, work or school as well as yoga, meditation, massage, or any other holistic experience.

There are 7 Magic Misters in the collection which are intended to be sprayed in your energy field and room just before meditating or throughout the day when you may need that extra boost of confidence, love, support, safety, protection or empowerment. A few drops may also be added to an aromatherapy mister. (Number of drops vary based on size of mister.) 

The Magic Mister Collection was created to compliment Sherinata’s signature Chakra Magic Series Behavior Modification and Transformation Course or by itself to align your energy and to instantly shift your senses to higher vibration.

Each Magic Mister bottle is intuitively blended and hand poured with prayer to create the highest vibration of love as you spray it in your energy field or on a loved one.