Angel Wing Shungite Pendant on a Long Stainless Steel Necklace

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BESTSELLER NOW ON A DURABLE, NON-TARNISHING STAINLESS STEEL CHAIN! It has been said that for every soul there is a guardian watching it. This beautiful necklace embraces that sentiment and is a constant reminder that you are being connected and protected by your guardian angels.  Feel loved and protected with the angels surrounding you while the shungite protects you wherever you go!

This beautiful unisex shungite pendant with Tibetan silver angel wings and heart is the perfect keepsake gift and protection pendant for someone you love. Trendy unisex EMF Protection for all ages. A perfect gift for kids, teens, and young adults. 

  • Protect older children and teens from 5G, WiFi, and other electronics that interfere with the natural energy of our bodies, creating brain fog, fatigue, headaches, anxiety, and more.
  • Easy to wear. The long chain easily slips over small and most large-sized heads. It's the perfect length to wear over or under your clothes to keep your heart space protected.
  • TOP QUALITY - Our shungite is authentic from Karelia, Russia. Our jewelry is hand-assembled in the USA using quality materials for durability.

✔ BONUS - Unlike other shungite sold online, our shungite is saturated in colloidal silver, a natural conductor, for an amplified field of protection.


  • Pendant: Tibeten silver plated charm, 100% shungite disk 0.75 in diameter.
  • Necklace: A long (28-inch) stainless steel chain. Faceted, rolo-type, chain link. High-quality stainless; durable and non-tarnishing. 
  • Use: Attractive necklace to protect against EMF Radiation.  

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★★ We GUARANTEE - 100% GENUINE SHUNGITE sourced from the Zazhoginsky Mine in KARELIA, RUSSIA, and hand-assembled in the USA using quality materials for durability. ★★

Customer Reviews

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Essie W.
Feeling much better

This pendant has helped my heart rate calm down from adrenal reactions to EMF's all around me. I am sleeping so much better--that deep REM sleep that is crucial to bodily renewal. My dreams are all good ones, too!

Thank you soooo much for letting us know how much better you are sleeping wearing your shungite necklace. It is very important for people to hear this from our customers rather than from us. But, one thing is for sure we do hear many people say how much more peaceful they feel wearing shungite and that's why we love it so much. Keep on dreaming!