Puffy Heart Polished 100% Shungite Pendant and Sterling Silver Necklace

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  • It has been said that your heart is your compass in the journey of life. Within the heart lies love, compassion, and joy -- the area where the physical and spiritual meet. Our solid shungite heart ties together the spiritual connection through the heart with the physical protection qualities of fullerenes found in the shungite. Mothers and daughters love this pendant. Heart is about 1.0 by 0.5 in and is on an 18” rhodium-plated sterling silver chain. A natural stone, each heart is unique.

Shungite Puffy Heart pendants are a beautiful contribution to your physical and spiritual health while helping to ground the energy balance of your body and soul. Always make sure you are smart with your electronics and protect your energy flow from EMF, geopathic stress or any other negative influences.

  • Mothers and daughters love these pendants! This 100% shungite Puffed Heart pendant is beautifully polished and may reveal natural lines of beauty of silver, gold or even copper. This heart is GREAT for grounding and protection and looks beautiful hanging near the heart or throat chakra. The perfect gift and protection pendant for someone you love.
  • Always protect your teens at school from 5G, WiFi and other electronics. It is known to interfere with the natural energy of our bodies, creating brain fog, fatigue, headaches, anxiety and more.
  • BONUS: All shungite sold through Karelia Creations are saturated in colloidal silver, a natural conductor, for an amplified field of protection unlike other shungite sold online.


  • Material:  Rhodium-plated 925 Sterling Silver 1.1 mm box link necklace, .925 Sterling Silver bail and jump ring. Beautifully polished shungite stone. You may find natural lines of silver, gold or even copper.
  • Size: Heart is about 1.0 by 0.5 inches. Necklace is 18 inches.
  • Use: Attractive necklace to protect against EMF Radiation.

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★★ We GUARANTEE - 100% GENUINE SHUNGITE sourced from the Zazhoginsky Mine in KARELIA, RUSSIA, and proudly assembled in the USA. ★★ Real shungite is a natural stone, so there may be imperfections or colors from trace minerals. Don't fall for perfect "shungite," which is manufactured and without the healing properties. Trust us. We've been specializing in Shungite EMF protection since 2015.

Customer Reviews

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Lynette Thomas
Love it.

Felt an immediate release in my heart area. I teach computer science and this is really helping. Thank you!

We are so happy you can feel the tranquility when wearing your necklace. The power of shungite is truly amazing! Thank you for your kind review and for trusting us to help with your EMF radiation protection!

My big brother got me the beautiful shungite heart silver necklace..

I work around n a toxic environment so this will be a tool to help me stay grounded...

Yes! Shungite is the best stone to help you feel grounded! The power of shungite is truly amazing! Thank you for your 5-star review and for trusting us to help with your EMF radiation protection!

Meg M.
Beautiful necklace!

I’m bought 3 of these…one for myself…and two for Christmas presents. I am DELIGHTED with them!!! They are very good quality and aesthetic. One of the gals I am gifting doesn’t understand the need for protection from frequencies. She will wear this (and protect herself with the Shungite) just because it is so darned pretty! So Mission accomplished! They came very well packaged I might add. I am very pleased with them. Haven’t taken mine off!!!

We are so happy you love our authentic shungite that is sourced directly from the mines in Karelia, Russia! We truly appreciate you taking the time to post your review and sharing your enthusiasm about our products. It is always our passion to create quality handmade shungite products for families and friends at affordable prices so we can all stay protected from EMF radiation. ♥