Angel Wing Shungite Necklace & Pendant

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It has been said that for every soul there is a guardian watching it. This beautiful necklaces embraces that sentiment. Feel the angels surrounding you while the shungite protects you wherever you go!

This beautiful unisex shungite pendant with Tibetan silver angel wings and heart is perfect keepsake gift and protection pendant for someone you love.

TOP QUALITY - Our shungite is authentic from Karelia, Russia. Our jewelry is hand assembled in the USA using quality materials for durability.

✔ BONUS - Unlike other shungite sold online, our shungite is saturated in colloidal silver, a natural conductor, for an amplified field of protection.



Materials: Adjustable, black cotton cord, Tibeten silver plated charm, 100% shungite disk.
Shungite: 0.75 in diameter.

★★ We GUARANTEE - 100% GENUINE SHUNGITE sourced from the Zazhoginsky Mine in KARELIA, RUSSIA, and hand assembled in the USA using quality materials for durability. ★★


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jane Freedman

This is a very lovely necklace. Simple.

carla bee
Feel protected

Not sure if its the angels or shungite but I feel really good waring this

Lil Angel
Great price

I like that this is adjustable. I wear it at different lengths depending on my clothes

Hayle Ford
like it

I like the angel and cord. I like the peace sign too but wasn't sure what to get. Hopefully it's working!