Shungite Inspirational Gratitude Pendant and Necklace

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Ready for a shift? Want to raise your vibration? Change your mindset? Achieve new goals? Whether or not you are familiar with the Laws of Attraction or you just simply want a change in your life, then our shungite inspirational gratitude necklace is exactly what you need!

Our Inspirational Necklace will shift your life every time you look in the mirror. When you touch it, it will remind you of gratitude, love, and positive thoughts. When people see you they will comment on your necklace because they will read the words of wisdom and gratitude and shift them, too! Yes, we really do believe that this necklace will help to shift your mindset and bring positivity into your life.

(It's actually my favorite necklace - I wear it all the time because it makes me feel good and people really do compliment me all the time when they read it and want to know where I go it!)

This beautiful inspirational pendant lays over a 30mm shungite disk for 5G and EMF protection. Great gift for teens and women! 

SHUNGITE PROTECTION - Great protection at work, home or school from 5G, WiFi and other electronics that interfere with the natural energy of our bodies, creating brain fog, fatigue, headaches, anxiety and more. 

TOP QUALITY - Pendant is lovingly assembled by hand in the USA using quality materials for durability.

BONUS - Unlike other shungite sold online, our shungite is saturated in colloidal silver, a natural conductor, for an amplified field of protection.

Material: 100% shungite from Russia (Karelia).

Size: 30mm (1.18 in) shungite disk and 18" adjustable 100% leather necklace.

Use: Attractive necklace to protect against EMF Radiation.

Click here to learn more about Shungite. 

★★ We GUARANTEE - 100% GENUINE SHUNGITE sourced from the Zazhoginsky Mine in KARELIA, RUSSIA, and proudly assembled in the USA. ★★ Real shungite is a natural stone, so there may be imperfections or colors from trace minerals. Don't fall for perfect "shungite," which is manufactured and without the healing properties. Trust us. We've been specializing in Shungite EMF protection since 2015.

Customer Reviews

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Maryann Pradella

This necklace I wear with confidence I believe in its power thank you so much for the great work love it.....

We are so happy you love your new Gratitude and Intention pendant. It is personally one of my favorites so I can shift my mindset every day and have the courage to live my life for my higher purpose. ♥