Shungite Pyramid 3.5-Inch Polished - Reiki Charged Power Pyramid

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3.5-INCH POLISHED SHUNGITE PYRAMID - Not only is this powerful pyramid 100% pure shungite, but it is Reiki charged so it is filled with energy for healing and cleansing. A beautiful accent piece, the pyramid contributes to your physical and spiritual health, keeping your body energetically balanced, protecting you from 5G radiation.

  • WHY A SHUNGITE PYRAMID? The radius of the positive bio field around shungite pyramids is 1.5 times greater than quartz, lapis lazuli and jade pyramids. Shungite pyramids charge organisms by bioenergy. The pyramid’s energy field is tuned to a specific frequency that interacts with the frequency of cells, achieving energy balance. Used regularly, the organism's energy is aligned, bio field is charged, strengthened. A person who is in relaxed state receives the greatest impact of the pyramid.
  • WHERE SHOULD I PLACE THE PYRAMID? Great for small offices. Will neutralize radiation in a small room or a 5-foot radius. Help shift a room from stress to a more peaceful place by placing up high in a home or office to neutralize negative energy and create a more positive harmonic feeling. Check out our XL pyramid that covers a larger room.
  • BEST PRACTICE - Sit comfortably, legs uncrossed, hands on knees, palms up. Place one hand over another; pyramid on the upper palm. Close your eyes, focus on your feelings. In few minutes, you may feel slight pulsing or warmth on your palms followed by muscular and nervous system relaxation and a sense of lightness.
  • BONUS - Unlike other shungite sold online, our pyramid is Reiki charged so that it is filled with energy for healing and cleansing.


  • Material: 100% shungite, polished.
  • Size: 3.5 in tall